Nancy Wilson’s Odyssey Shawl

Pattern: Odyssey Shawl

Fiber: The white is organic Polwarth, the tan is a llama/wool blend, and the darker brown is a mostly alpaca blend. The braid is dyed merino top as is the Polwarth. The other two are carded roving.

Handspun: Combo Spin


Nancy Wilson’s 1st Handspun Shawl

Pattern: Ravelry: First Point of Libra
Fiber: A blend of SW merino, alpaca, llama, rayon
Handspun: 2 ply; backward drafting on my Lendrum

I’m attaching a picture of my first handspun shawl, and likely the largest project I’ve made with handspun. The pattern is from Ravelry: First Point of Libra. My shawl turned out much larger than the pattern; however, because of that it sits nicely on my shoulders and I can still scrunch it up to wear it more like a scarf.

The story behind the shawl is that when I was staying in the hospital with my sister, one of the nurses came in wearing the shawl as a scarf. I asked her about it, and she remembered the name and where she got it. So (gotta love technology) I ordered it from my phone. When I got back to Arizona, I took out the gradient maroon yarn I had (which is a whole other story in itself). The gray that I had quite a bit of (fortunately) went well with it, so I cast on and finished it before guild meetings in February. I love that it is garter stitch, because lace makes me nervous.

Welcome to our new inspiration page

During the last virtual meet-up, members suggested that we start a photo gallery for pictures of members’ yarn and projects. Here it is!

To submit a photo of a yarn or finished object, please email the photo and a brief description of the yarn or project to The photos don’t have to be great, but please make sure they are shot in decent light (I find a table next to a window works best) and in focus. We will publish them as they come in.

I may also use this space to post pictures of the finished versions of the yarns I spin for the lesson videos.

Ply Twist and yarn pics

Hi, all—

I thought these pictures of the yarns I spun for the plying demo might be of interest. Here’s a shot of all the yarns before they were washed. Note that they are all pretty twisty.

These are, from left to right, the two-ply, the three-ply, the chain-plied yarn, the four-ply, the cabled yarn, and the spiral-plied yarn. The chain-plied yarn is the twistiest because I was focusing on demonstrating the technique rather than on how much twist I was putting in!

All of the yarns hung in a nice loop after a hot soak. Here are the results:

The two-ply

The three-ply

The chain-ply

The four-ply

The cabled yarn

The spiral-ply

Hope this helps!